Our Pathology Department is committed to providing accurate and reliable diagnostic services to support the healthcare needs of our patients. Led by a team of experienced pathologists and supported by state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, we offer a comprehensive range of pathology services to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of various medical conditions.


Why Choose Sudhanshu Hospital for Pathology Services?

Our Treatments @ Sudhanshu

Diagnostic Testing:

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures to assist in the diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions. Our services include routine blood tests, urine analysis, microbiology cultures, histopathology examinations, and cytology evaluations, among others.

Specialized Testing:

In addition to routine diagnostic tests, we provide specialized testing services for specific medical conditions and patient populations. This may include genetic testing, hormone assays, tumor marker analysis, autoimmune testing, and specialized infectious disease testing.

Screening Programs:

We offers various screening programs aimed at early detection and prevention of diseases. These may include health screenings for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, and other health conditions, tailored to meet individual patient needs and risk factors.

Consultative Services:

Our pathologists are available to provide consultative services to healthcare providers, offering expert interpretation of laboratory results, diagnostic recommendations, and assistance in the management of complex cases.

Team of Doctors @ Sudhanshu Hospital

At Sudhanshu Hospital, our dedicated team of doctors is committed to providing exceptional medical care with compassion, expertise, and integrity. With a diverse range of specialties and a shared passion for improving patient outcomes, our doctors are at the forefront of healthcare excellence.

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